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Hi, my name is Alexander and this is my website.

I live near Toronto, Canada, and work as a Senior IT Professional / Software Engineering Manager.

In spare time I enjoy writing some code, developing web applications, working on my robot, reading sci-fi, finance and technical books, visiting my cabin in the wilderness, playing drums, travel when I can, and especially love sailing.

Here are some technical news to read...


Musk to move SpaceX and X HQ over gender-identity law [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 22:21:37 GMT]
Mr Musk has become increasingly involved in US politics and said the new law was the "last straw".
Microsoft's hire of start-up staff probed as possible merger [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 16:09:59 GMT]
If the CMA finds there has been a 'merger' between Microsoft and Inflection, it will investigate further.
Disney investigating massive leak of internal messages [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 10:06:51 GMT]
A hacking group says it has leaked internal data from the media giant to protest its use of AI.
Olympic esports will level the playing field, says boss [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 09:56:24 GMT]
The CEO of one of competitive gaming's top teams says the new event will draw new audiences.
'Pivotal' quantum computing chip unveiled [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 05:04:27 GMT]
Oxford Ionics claim to have created the first quantum chip of its kind that could be mass-produced.
Russia antivirus firm Kaspersky quits US after ban [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 04:42:50 GMT]
The move comes after sales and distribution of its products were banned by the Biden administration.
As Apple headset reaches Europe, will VR ever hit the mainstream? [Sat, 13 Jul 2024 02:02:24 GMT]
As Apple's Vision Pro headset launches in the UK, can it finally kickstart the virtual reality market?
EU says X’s blue tick accounts deceive users [Fri, 12 Jul 2024 20:49:26 GMT]
The EU says the way the social media site designs and operates blue tick accounts "deceives" users.
Pioneering British AI chip designer bought by Japanese firm [Thu, 11 Jul 2024 23:02:57 GMT]
Graphcore was once considered one of the country's most promising start-ups, with a £2bn valuation.
Palestinians say Microsoft unfairly closing their accounts [Thu, 11 Jul 2024 14:27:45 GMT]
More than 20 Palestinians say they have been kicked off Skype, a popular tool for contacting relatives.


New tech aims to keep polar bears and people apart [Tue, 16 Jul 2024 23:40:43 GMT]
Fears about the two species coming into contact are growing as Arctic sea ice melts.
Secret 'sky island' rainforest saved by new discoveries [Mon, 15 Jul 2024 23:29:02 GMT]
Dozens of unique animal and insect finds have helped secure protection for an unspoilt mountain forest.
Cave discovered on Moon could be home for humans [Mon, 15 Jul 2024 15:00:36 GMT]
It is the first cave to be discovered on the Moon and could protect astronauts from radiation.
Titanic mission to map wreck in greatest-ever detail [Fri, 12 Jul 2024 04:51:36 GMT]
A new expedition aims to document the world's most famous shipwreck in unprecedented detail.
Rural domestic abuse convictions still 'woeful' [Fri, 12 Jul 2024 01:42:36 GMT]
The BBC finds reports of domestic abuse in the countryside have gone up but convictions remain low.
Row over rise in water bills as firms say it's not enough [Thu, 11 Jul 2024 14:24:19 GMT]
Water firms have hit out at bill rises of £94 over the next five years after wanting bigger hikes.
Can we change how our brains age? These scientists think it’s possible [Wed, 10 Jul 2024 00:16:59 GMT]
Lara Lewington searches for the tech secrets that researchers hope will unlock eternal youth.
IVF help for wild rhinos from zoo cousins [Wed, 03 Jul 2024 23:47:19 GMT]
Scientists are collecting eggs from rhinos in zoos in a bid to boost the gene pool of wild rhinos.
Footage reveals 'miracle eagle chick' in flight [Thu, 04 Jul 2024 10:00:25 GMT]
A white-tailed eagle that broke its wing has taken to the skies after its parents nursed it back to health.
No, UK weather is not being manipulated [Thu, 04 Jul 2024 02:02:46 GMT]
False claims about weather manipulation and geoengineering have been spreading online. What are the facts?